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Nutrition from the gro​und up!

When considering your equine's nutrition, one must not dismiss the importance of forage - both hay and pasture. 

Pasture health is crucial to the overall health and wellness of your horse. It is important to remember that

not everything GREEN is GRASS, and weeds will not sustain your horse, nor will they promote growth and development long-term. 

Aterak is committed to the health of your equine from the ground up, starting with the 

diversity and prosperity of your horses' pastures. 

Contact us directly to order our FALL SEASON HORSE BLEND for pastures. 

Winter is the best time to restore your pasture's health and diversity, when our horses are resting in stalls and the pasture 

can have plenty of time to grow roots and height. We recommend allowing your pasture to grow to at least 12in of height 

before allowing grazing to ensure the longevity of the new growth. 

Improve your equine's nutrition by investing in the health of your pasture! 

Not Everything Green is Grass

More often than not, our pastures are filled with green things that provide very little nutrition to our equines. 

Do not mistake weeds for appropriate forage 

for your equine.  

Compacted, Poorly-draining Soil

Poorly-draining soil will prevent new growth and drown the existing forage, eliminating our equine's most biologically natural source of nutrition. 

Young, New Growth

One of the most detrimental mistakes in restoring a pasture is allowing grazing before new growth has growth to a sustainable height. This new growth is not mature enough to sustain neither the pasture nor our equines. 

Long-Stem Fora​ge

Long-stem forage is the best form of pasture forage, both for the health of the pasture (to promote diversity in the ecosystem), but also for the health of our equines. Long-stem forage provides the best, most complete nutrition for our equines. 

Aterak Pasture Solutions Testimonials

See what our customers have to say!

"We have 6.5 acres that we used Aterak Pasture Solutions on. We are very thankful for the time and patience that Allie gave us. It was a long process to get the kind of results we wanted. The current drought at the time of planting did not help our situation.  The pasture grass came up fairly quickly and it looks fantastic. We were very impressed by Allie's knowledge on all aspects of the seed and soil and the entire process of getting the best pasture for our horses.  We were told the grass was supposed to take 60-90 days but ours grew much faster. Once ours is established we will only need to reseed in the fall  and maybe 1-2 times per year depending on rainfall and the horses rotation.

Aterak products are seriously the best on the market and the word needs to get out about just how good they are.  These products will help solve so many problems that would be so easy to fix if they just used Aterak products!"

Colleen and Dan N.

Do your pastures look like this?

Most of our customers start here.  Exposed soil, rampant weeds, minimal edible plant life.  Most customers are exhausted and broke from applying endless herbicides and lime in an attempt to better their pastures with minimal results. Weeds are opportunists.  They will grow when there is space and nutrients not being used.  They grow rampant when they are not edible for the contained livestock and there is no competition for space and nutrients. 

Same location, 3 months after Aterak seed blend

These are the results of positive pasture management with diverse seed blend including grasses, broadleaves, legumes, and brassicas. This seed blend feeds the roots, soil, and microorganisms necessary for a healthy eco system, and also supports good bug life necessary for consistent plant growth. Soil is covered, weeds choked out from competing planted seed blend, no herbicides used, maximum digestible forage with high regrowth rate. Happy soil, happy horses. 

See what Aterak Pasture Solutions can do for your pastures!

Would you like to learn more about pasture rotation, soil health, seed diversity, and improving your pasture and animals health by eliminating the need for toxic chemicals through out the year?  Contact Aterak Nutrition to learn more!

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