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Where Nature meets Nutrition

Whether you are a beginning horse owner, or a seasoned veteran of the Equine Industry, we are happy you are here. Aterak products and services are designed for everyone! 

Most horse owners are aware that proper nutrition is integral to equine performance, disease prevention, and health management- yet find themselves relying on information that is often times contradictive and sales based instead of clear, concise and personalized to their equine, pasture and/or barns. ​ At Aterak, we understand that your equines needs are unique.

We offer a complete system of seminars, consultations and feed solutions

 to meet each clients specific needs.  

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Our trademarked system is designed to first and foremost EDUCATE you to gain a heightened understanding of equine nutrition, how it can help you maximize health, improve performance, increase longevity and manage disease more effectively.

Secondly we provide a personalized consultation of your horse. We create a body score for a today baseline, including a clear understanding of any current health issues and/or concerns you have about behaviors. This consultation includes recommendations to improve health and behaviors, follow up visits and reviews of progress, and a concise goal for your horse to achieve optimal health and performance.

Thirdly we provide a personalized pasture/soil/water consultation. Our analysis of your equine environment is an important building block to overall health and nutrition. Our goal is to provide alternative solutions to pasture toxicity that creates lifelong disease in your horses, and can be prevented in a few easy steps by every barn owner.

Lastly, we supply our unique, formulated feed and/or pasture seed products. Our lines target and provide all essential nutrients for 8 different lifestyles of equines, idle to intense competition. Our feeds have been proven to reduce anxiety and bolting during feeding. The unique application of hay mixed with the grain allows the horse to absorb all the provided nutrients in the digestive system, starting with increased chewing.

See what Aterak Nutrition can do for you and your equine!

Competitive Edge​





Complete Feed 


Easy Keepers



Metabolic Miracle

Metabolic Relief

All of our grains are mixed in a certified non-medicated mill, to our exact formulated specifications,  

eliminating the chance of medicated contamination in your feed.

All orders are sent to mill for mixing 8 days before delivery to ensure freshness.

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