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As clients become increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition for their equine, 

they expect a higher standard of nutritional care-

Consults are available for individual owners, boarding or training barns.

Your Horses' Environment Seminar

It's impact on performance, disease, and longevity

Environment Seminars start at $200 for up to 10 people. Groups larger than 10 please contact us for rate.

Equine digestive system – covering the most important and most overlooked part of the equine digestive process

Ecosystem/Environment – Toxins commonly used on farms, their effects to equine health short and long term, toxin effect to environment, how this impacts your horses wellbeing and management efforts. What is long stem forage and why is it important for my horse

Manure – what does it look like and why I should care

Equine diseases increasing like wildfire – why is this happening, how you can prevent, how you can ease symptoms if already diagnosed

3 pillars of Maximum health – what they are, why they are important, how they work together, and what makes them all possible. Nutritional ratios in an easy to understand, applies directly to my horse explanation, what to pay attention to and why, balance is most important

Ulcers – what we know and what we don’t know and what works

Supplements – not an innocent helper and why

Metabolic Markers – what are they, what do they mean, what causes them, how to eliminate them if present, is your horse predisposed?

Amino Acids – what does essential and limiting mean, why does my horse need them, what do they do, how does my horse get them. Importance of electrolytes, importance of free choice plain white salt, why Sand Clear is recommended monthly and why sand colic is called the silent killer. How nutrition will help your vet help your horse and why

Nutritional Analysis Consultation

Nutrition consultation's start at $100, and are dependent on location and the number of horses being looked at

 When looking at the three components that affect the life of an animal – genetics, environment and nutrition – nutrition is the factor that, when properly managed, can impact the most.

We assess and analyze all of the aspects of nutritional health and wellness in your horse, create a personalized body score baseline and discuss potential nutritional and/or environmental causes if your horse is not performing at their best, including possible allergies, pasture health (soil, water, forage), and nutrient imbalances. 

We will discuss our findings and help you determine the nutritional path to bring out the best in them.  

Pasture, Soil & Water

Analysis Consultations

Pasture Analysis Consulatations are dependant on location, number of pastures and time of year. 

Contact us for a personalized quote.

We assess and analyze your current soil, pasture by pasture, taking a number of samples within each. Based on your pasture size, quantity of horses accessing pasture, zone location, pasture rotation schedule and lifestyle use, we will provide an indepth picture of pasture health, and the various affects it may be playing on your equines overall health and behaviour.

We will discuss our findings and recommend easy steps to correcting pasture health, to bring out the best your equines and their environment.  

What our customers are saying

Allison takes her time and never seems rushed. She instills confidence in the owner in helping them with their knowledge and understanding of their horses nutrition.

- Jerri M. 

I loved the consultation and I learned so much about how the correct feed helps the over all health of the horse, especially older horses.

- Sarah S.

The consultation process was very informative and I was glad that someone was as knowledgeable and committed to a high quality feed option as Allison was.

- Jaime W.

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