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Aterak Absolute

Nutrition Enhancer Digestive Aid

Proprietary blend of prebiotics, probiotics, beta glucans and omega 3's.

Provides essential nutrients not commonly 

found in equine feed to 
  • reduce inflammation
  • restore bacterial balance to digestive track
  • improve hoof quality
  • improve coat appearance
  • improve appetite

Custom serving size to fit your equine's unique requirements. 32-day supply and monthly refills sent directly to you and your horse! 

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

I didn’t think that it would help as much as it has and  I am beyond pleased. The product has gone above and beyond what I thought it could do for my horse, she no longer suffers from ulcers at a price I can afford! I love the packaging and the sealed pouches are very easy and convenient to use.

- Michelle L. (Semora, NC)

Diamond was purchased from a breeder in California and was shipped across country to North Carolina. When she arrived at my farm, she was completely stressed out from the travel. She was uneasy and very nervous and seemed like she was in distress from pain. I suspected ulcers. Within about 2 weeks of using Absolute, I saw a big change in Diamond's overall temperament. She had settled down considerably, wasn't acting nervous or uncomfortable any longer. I saw a huge difference in her overall health. She no longer was in distress from pain. 

LOVE the convenience of the individual packages, it makes feeding so easy, especially if someone else has to do the feeding. Measuring with a scoop is a nuisance and with the sealed pouch you know you are getting the exact same amount every single time.

I would most definitely recommend Absolute to any horse owner that is dealing with ulcer issues.

- Brenna W. (NC)

Manassas is a 31 year old retired TB hunter/jumper who has always suffered with ulcers so I was eager to start using Absolute as soon as I heard about it. Manassas is the perfect candidate to use this additive. I could see a difference almost immediately. Manassas got right back on his feed program and his weight started to go up to a healthy level. He looks amazing for a horse of his age and his ribs are no longer showing which as we all know is so common in TB's especially as they age. It definitely delivered on it's promise and I believe that continuing the usage of Absolute will make sure there will be no more ulcer problems. The packaging is very easy and convenient, especially if someone other then myself has to feed him. I would definitely recommend Absolute to anyone who has issues with their horses having ulcers.

- Erin C. (NC)

Mia has been on Absolute for a month and a half. I didn’t have any expectations when starting using Absolute as I was skeptical because of products that I had tried/used in the past being subpar. I have seen an incredible improvement in Mia! I can tell that she is not uncomfortable as she had issues in the past with ulcers and the ulcers have negatively impacted her daily life. The mare was constantly in pain and was difficult to work with.

Any horse that has any kind of digestive issues with ulcers, from the high stress of horse shows, to transporting horses, to horses starting at a new barn in a new environment - all horses can benefit from Absolute, even if it for a short-term issue.

- Jaqi A. (Mebane, NC)

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